"One of the best improvising cellists in the UK" The JazzMann

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I hope you are well and safe!!

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, I am not currently performing live.

Please scroll down for some music from various projects which will be back out there as soon as it is possible!! 

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Long Story Short

'Long Story Short' is my debut album out now on 33 Jazz records.

'Fascinating listening, and thought-provoking entertainment for the open-eared"

The Arts Desk

Waltz for an Amethyst - Shirley Smart Trio - Shirley SMart, John Crawford, Demi Garcai Sabat
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Opals - Shirley Smart Trio - Shirley Smart, John Crawford, Nicolas Meier, Demi Garcia Sabat
00:00 / 00:00
Crossfire - Shirley Smart 4tet - Shirley Smart, John Crawford, Nicolas Meier, Demi Garcia Sabat
00:00 / 00:00

'..as a cellist-composer she morphs seamlessly from Stephane Grappelli like swing and Bird-like bebop...

a charming kaleidoscope and jazzy showcase of her global folk music-inspired compositions'


' a superb set -  a sound world that is at once rooted in the ancient and traditional  musics that it draws from in an utterly contemporary manner that also incorporates modern jazz. 

This is an exceptionally strong leadership debut from a lady that I'm sure we are destined to hear much more from.' Jazzviews

'..some of the most inventive use of the cello I’ve heard for some time.'

Kind of Jazz

'Smarts playing is particularly remarkable..'


PalmyraInterchange Dectet
00:00 / 11:32

My piece 'Palmyra' is a 3 part suite written in memory and tribute to the Syrian City destroyed by ISIS in 2015. It features on the album 'Donna's Secret with the Interchange Dectet, and is available here

        Via Maris CD

           out now 


  Two Rivers Records

"..a fascinating melting pot of musical  influences.." 

World Music Central

Between You and Me - Melange
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Longa Sakiz - Melange
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Free Improvisation Projects


Duo with James Arben

Our album Entanglement will be coming out later in 2020 on FMR Records

More music here

JAmes Arben/Alex HAwkins/Shirley Smart/Liran Donin/Jon Scott Quintet

Robert Mitchell/Shirley Smart Duo

Duo album with Robert Mitchell on piano has finally been recorded!!! Featuring works by both Robert and myself, and also some of Roberts very powerful poetry. More news later!

                             Beyond Cello

Workshop course to develop improvisation and creative skills

More info and register your interest here


Dates for 2020/21 coming soon!

 Listen to podcast about Beyond Cello at Kings Place here

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