James Arben - tenor sax, flute, bass clarinet

Shirley Smart - cello

                            'Entanglement' released 2020 on FMR Records

 " This is an astonishing set of improvised dialogues between cellist, Shirley Smart, and multi-instrumentalist, James Arben that belies the fact that it is possible to create such varied and complete music, in the heat of the moment, with no prior discussion or pre-set plan of how the pieces will evolve...." Jazzviews

..."wow! This is an incredible piece of work. I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a free improvised duo album this much. The range of it is pretty astounding... Plotted out in a list, the stylistic variety seems completely improbable - abstraction, swinging jazz figurations, modal grooves, middle eastern inflections, contemporary classical music - but it all coheres remarkably, and it's always impossible to spot the proverbial 'joins'

Alexander Hawkins

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James Arben - tenor sax/flute/bassclarinet

Shirley Smart - cello

Alex Hawkins - piano

Liran Donin - bass

Jon Scott - drums

Album coming in 2021!

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