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Physical CDs £12.99 incl postage and packing - please click on Buy It Now buttons.

For digital options, click on CD image for link*

Long Story Short - Shirley Smart Trio

IMG_20181021_124740_857 1.jpg

Entanglement - Smart/Arben Duo

Album Cover Art 1750px.jpg

Zeitgeist² - Smart/Mitchell duo

Zeitgeist² Cover.jpg

Via Maris - Melange

Random Roads -Melange

Balagan Cafe Band

Album Cover - Balagan.jpg

Digital only (click on image)


Part 1 - The Dragonfly

Dragonfly Artwork wfilter_ccexpress.jpeg


     Part 2 - Mirrors

Mirrors Cover.jpg


Part 3 - Subterranean Journey

Subterranen Journey Cover.jpg

SAWA - Sawa Trio

* A quick note :  If you prefer to buy music in digital form, it is always better for musciians if you buy directly from us via our own digital platforms rather than Amazon/ITunes etc as most of the revenue comes directly to the artists, rather than to the companies. The links above are to Bandcamp, which is a site used by many musicians - and I'd also  highly recommend as a way of finding out about new independent music!!! Enjoy - and thank you :-)

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