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14.06 Verdict Jazz Club, Brighton: Smart/Mitchell Duo                                  

17.05 Toulouse Latrec: Shirley Smart Trio                                                

22.05 The Lescar, Sheffield: Shirley Smart Trio                                            

25.05 SPARC Conference, City University: Smart/Mitchell Duo                 

01.06 Salisbury international Arts Festival: Shirley Smart Trio                    

03.05 Morley College Jazz Series: Shirley Smart Trio                    

30.04 Watermill Jazz: Shirley Smart Trio                                                      

24.04 Twickenham Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Quartet                                        

          ft. Sam Dunn - guitar

07.03 Jazz Sanctuary, Twickenham: Shirley Smart Trio                    

21.02 SpiceJazz Soho - Spice of Life: Shirley Smart Sextet                    

09.02 Brunel Arts: Smart/Smith Duo

25.01 Crazy Coqs: Smart/Mitchell  Duo

12.01 Vortex Jazz Club: Nikki Yeoh's Café Oran                                             

10.01 Café OTO: Phil Durrant's Tentet - Wayne Shorter Project



26.11 Highgate Society Salon Concerts: Bezique Duo                               

12.11 Crazy Coqs/EFG London Jazz Festival: Shirley Smart Trio

29.10 Black Mountain Jazz, Abergavenny: Shirley Smart Trio                                

27.10 Toulouse Latrec: Bezique 4tet  

24.10 Oxford University Jazz Society: Shirley Smart Trio                                        

19.10 Crazy Coqs, Caf­é Oran

15.09 BMusic, Symphony Hall Birmingham:  Shirley Smart Trio

09.09 Somerset Jazz Festival:  Shirley Smart Trio                            

17.08 Eltham Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Trio

28.07 Jazzlive at The Crypt: Smart/Mitchell Duo

26.07 Crazy Coqs, London: Nikki Yeoh's Caf­é Oran

19.07 Vortex Jazz Club : Tobie Medland  Group

15.07 Toulouse Latrec, London: Shirley Smart Trio                                                       

13.07 Vortex Jazz Club: Smart/Arben/Garcia Sabat Trio        

07.07 Birmingham Jazz: Shirley Smart Sextet                                           

21.06  Egham Music Society: Shirley Smart Trio

19.06 Ashburton Live: Shirley Smart Trio

18.06 Teignmouth Jazz: Shirley Smart Trio                                               

11.06 Wainsgate Chapel, Hebden Bridge: Shirley Smart Trio                      

12.06 Bijou Cinema, Southport: Shirley Smart Trio                      

05.05 London Gypsy Jazz Festival:Shirley Smart Trio//Fapy Lafertin Quartet

24.04 Jazz in the Round: Smart/Mitchell Duo              

20.04 Upstairs at Ronnie Scotts: Duo with Peter Michaels      

31.03 MIUAWGA Ensemble: RNCM, Manchester

26.03 Red Hedgehog: Smart/Arben Duo                                        

22.03 Vortex Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Sextet                                    

19.03 Brecon Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Trio                                             

07.03 Crazy Coqs, Zedel: Nikki Yeoh's Café Oran                           

10.02 City University: Shirley Smart/Ben Smith Duo

05.02 Sound Cellar, Poole: Shirley Smart Trio

29.01 Fizzle, Birmingham: Smart/Arben Duo  



18.11 Cadogan Hall: Shirley Smart Trio

14.11 Milton Court Guidlhall/EFG London Jazz Festival Shirley Smart Sextet

03.11 Huddersfield University: Shirley Smart Trio

01.11 St Martin in the Fields: Maya Youssef Group

25.10 St Ives Jazz Club : Shirley Smart Trio  

21.10 Bimhuis, Amsterdam: Shirley Smart Trio                               

28.09 Flim Flam: Smart/Arben Duo 

25.09 Scarborough Jazz Festival: Shirley Smart Trio

22.09 Jazz Sanctuary:Shirley Smart Trio                                                          

16.09 Hampstead Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Trio                                   

28.08 Aberjazz Festival Shirley Smart Trio                 

19.08 Benslow Music Trust: Shirley Smart Trio

07.08 Snape Maltings: Maya Youssef Group                                        

29.07 Anteros Arts, Norwich: Shirley Smart Trio

25.07 Cardiff Harp Festival: Maya Youssef Group  

21.07 Chesterfield Jazz

16.07 Lichfield Festival: Shirley Smart Trio

09.07 Stroud Sacred Music Festival: Maya Youssef Group  

02.07 East Neuk Festival: Shirley Smart Trio                    

30.06 Ropetackle Arts Centre: Maya Youssef Group                           
16.06 Ronnie Scotts Upstairs: Two for The Road Series

12.06 Market Harborough Jazz Club: Interchange Dectet

05.05 Leeds Jazz Festival:Interchange Dectet

09.06 York Early Music Centre:  Maya Youssef Group

08.06 The Lescar, Sheffield: Smart/Mitchell Duo  Zeitgeist² Tour

03.06 Sutton House Music Society: Zawadzki/Smart/Mullov-Abbado Trio               

29.05 Pizza Express, Soho Shirley Smart Trio/Alina Bzhezhinska HipHarp 4tet

22.05 Kings Place, Songlines Encounters Festival: Maya Youssef 'Finding Home' Tour

21.05 Clun Valley Jazz: Shirley Smart Quartet

19.05 Roman River Festival Maya Youssef 'Finding Home' Tour                                      

26.04 The Stables, Milton Keynes: Maya Youssef 'Finding Home' Tour

21.04 Spice of Life, Soho: Shirley Smart Sextet  

20.04 St. George's, Bristol: Maya Youssef 'Finding Home' Tour

19.04 Fougou Music: Shirley Smart Trio    

08.04 Sheffield Music on the Round  Maya Youssef  'Finding Home' Tour  

02.04 Oxford Contemporary Music: Maya Youssef 'Finding Home' Tour    

15.03 Southampton Jazz Club: Interchange Dectet          

10.03 Manchester University: Shirley Smart Trio                 

11.02 Wakefield Jazz : Shirley Smart Trio                                       

28.01 Brunel Arts Center : Arben/Smart Duo                 

24.01 NQ Jazz, Manchester: Smart/Mitchell Duo Zeitgeist² Tour

20.01 Vortex Jazz Club: Duo with Robert Mitchell - Zeitgeist ² Album Launch

19.01 Perivale Music Club: Shirley Smart Trio          

18.01 Horse Improvised Music Club: Arben/Smart Duo     

16.01 Old Ford Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Trio              



06.12 City, Unviversity of London: Shirley Smart/Robert Mitchell Duo

27.11 University of Surrey: Shirley Smart Trio  

26.11 Sala Shoko, Madrid, Spain : Mulatu Astatke Band  

25.11 606 Club: John Crawford Quintet                                           

21.11 Clapham Omnibus: Zawadzki/Smart/Mullov-Abbado Trio - EFG London Jazz Festival  

19.11 Vortex Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Sextet - EFG London Jazz Festival

16.11 Barbican Hall: Nikki Yeoh's Café Oran - EFG London Jazz Festival       

28.10 Kitchen St, Liverpool: Mulatu Astatke Band                                    

27.10 Kitchen St, Liverpool: Mulatu Astatke Band                                   

24.10 Tsitsit Festival, London: Ayin/Wolf of Baghdad                    

03.10 Old Ford Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Tio

17.09 Rye Arts Festival: Shirley Smart Trio

14.09 JW3: Ayin

13.09 NQ Jazz, Manchester:  Shirley Smart Trio  

12.09 Roman RiverFestival/ Colchester Arts Jazz Centre : Shirley Smart Trio                                   20.06 Fizzle, Birmingham: Entanglement Duo with James Arben                    

17.06 City University Summer Sounds Festival : Shirley Smart Trio/Sextet   

12.06 Birmingham Jazz Festival: Shirley Smart Quartet 

28.05 Singing With Nightingales/Nest Collective      

16.05 Jazz North - Newcastle: Shirley Smart Trio 

16.04 Vortex Jazz Club: Zawadzki/Smart/Mullov-Abbado Trio


(Haaahahahahahaha!!! We did what we could - dates cancelled due to COVID-19 are in italics)

15.11 Vortex Jazz Club: Zawadzki/Smart/Mullov-Abbado Trio (EFG London Jazz Festival)

16.10 Bracknell Jazz: Shirley Smart Quartet

07.08 Steyning Jazz: Shirley Smart Quartet

21.07 Pizza Express, Soho: Shirley Smart Trio/Alina Bzhezhinka HipHarp Quartet

11.07 Birmingham Jazz Festival - Shirley Smart Quartet

03.07 Bradford Jazz: Shirley Smart Trio

21.06 Peggy's Skylight: Shirley Smart Trio

18.06 Jazz North East: Shirley Smart Trio

17.06 The Lescar: Shirley Smart Trio

25.05 Frinton Festival: Shirley Smart Trio

09.05 60 Minute Concerts, Islington: Shirley Smart Trio

05.05 Chipping Sodbury Music Society: Shirley Smart Trio

29.04 Vortex Jazz Club: Arben/Smart/Hawkins/Donin/Scott Quintet

25.04 Vortex Jazz Club: Café Oran

16.04 Chesterfield Jazz: guest with house band

12.04 Vortex Jazz Club: Spike Orchestra

03.04 The Crucible, Sheffield: Maya Youssef Trio

15.03 Calstock Arts: Balagan Café Band

14.03 Chudleigh Community Hall, Cornwall : Balagan Café Band

13.03 St Endellion Church, Cornwall: Balagan Café Band

05.03 JW3: Wolf of Baghdad

27.02 Hampstead Jazz Club: Shirley Smart Trio

23.02 South Downs Festival: Shirley Smart Trio

16.02 Wiltshire Music Centre: Maya Youssef Trio

01.02 Union Chapel, London: Maya Youssef Trio

28.01 Oxford Contemporary Music : Duo with James Arben


20.12 Tel Aviv Jazz Festival : Mulatu Astatke

19.12 Tel Aviv Jazz Festival : Mulatu Astatke

18.12 Jazz Café, London : Mulatu Astatke

05.12 Stallet, Stockholm : Maya Youssef Trio

27.11 Gulbenkian Theatre : Maya Youssef Trio

17.11 Clapham Omnibus Theatre : Shirley Smart Trio (EFG London Jazz Festival)

16.11 VivaCello Festival, Moscow : Shirley Smart Trio

12.11 Phoenix Cinema : Wolf of Baghdad

08.11 City University Concert Series : Duo with Robert Mitchell

05.11 Handelsbeurs, Gent : Maya Youssef Trio

03.11 November Music, Holland : Maya Youssef Trio

24.10 Szcecin, Poland : Maya Youssef Trio

16.10 The Lescar, Sheffield : Zawadski/Smart/Mullov Abbado Trio

09.10 Pizza Express, Soho : Duo with Robert Mitchell

08.10 Noizemachin, London : Duo with James Arben

05.10 Jazz cafe POSK : Shirley Smart 4tet

01.10 Interchange Dectet : Watermill Jazz

29.09 Linear Obsessional : Duo with Tom Ward

25.09 Fougou Jazz : Shirley Smart Trio

17.09 St Ives Jazz Club : Giles Thornton Big Band

15.09 Cowbridge Festival : Maya Youssef Trio

01.09 Hundred Years Gallery : Emil Karlsen 4tet

07.09 Ronnie Scotts, Soho : Nikki Yeoh Café Oran Trio

27.07 Brak, London : Duo with Tom Ward

24.07 Flim Flam, London : Duo with James Arben

22.07 Vortex Jazz Club : Balagan Café Band

07.07 Cheltenham Festival : Shirley Smart Trio

15.06 Poznan Philharmonic : Maya Youssef Trio

06.06 Hampstead Jazz Club : Shirley Smart Trio

02.06 Old Ford Jazz Club : Shirley Smart Trio

28.04 Mimouna Festival : Ayin

20.04 Jazz Lates : Shirley Smart Trio

17.04 SET, Dalston : Duo with Steve Beresford

19.03 Vortex Jazz Club : Shirley Smart Quartet

17.03 Cambridge Junction : Wolf of Baghdad

17.01 St Georges, Bristol : Interchange Dectet

03.01 606 Jazz Club : John Crawford Quintet

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