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    "One of the best improvising cellists in the UK" The JazzMann

    " A stunning display of cosmopolitan inventiveness" Wakefield Jazz

Long Story Short - Trio/4tet

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               Shirley Smart Trio                              Toulouse Latrec                   20:00



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Album coming in 2024......hopefully :-)

Working on it. Updates soon!


New project exploring the great music of Django Rheinhardt, Richard Galliano, Bireli Lagrene and others....


' a cellist-composer she morphs seamlessly from Stephane Grappelli like swing and Bird-like bebop...

a charming kaleidoscope and jazzy showcase of her global folk music-inspired compositions'


'..some of the most inventive use of the cello I’ve heard for some time.'

Kind of Jazz

' a superb set -  a sound world that is at once rooted in the ancient and traditional  musics that it draws from in an utterly contemporary manner that also incorporates modern jazz. 

This is an exceptionally strong leadership debut from a lady that I'm sure we are destined to hear much more from.' Jazzviews

'Smarts playing is particularly remarkable..'


'Fascinating listening, and thought-provoking entertainment for the open-eared"

The Arts Desk

Bach, Brahms and Boulanger.....


Ben Smith - piano

Stories - a trilogy of Free Imrovisations

Shirley_Smart_Stories_CDSP-016 CD SOFTPACK 4PP - 2 SLITS 61mm[21231]_2v copy_edited.jpg


Demi Garcia Sabat - drums

James Arben - saxophone/flute

Out and About....

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